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Development Update, September 3, 2010

Implemented additional interface and functionality improvements, including:

• Full implemetation of category-specific matrix files, which enables a different customized matrix file to be used both to collect data and for reviews.  This is important in situations where proposals fit into different categories and where different review questions should be asked based on the category

• Reviewers who are members of a Program Selection Committee are flagged in a different colour on the Review Management Dashboard and various other lists of reviewers

• Mandatory Criteria processing was updated to enable designated individuals to review mandatory criteria for a proposal.  Relevant data from the proposal is displayed related to each criterion based on settings configured in a correlation properties file.  At the conclusion of the Mandatory Criteria review, a timestamp is set and status is updated for display on the Decision Management Dashboard

• Correlation properties were expanded to include entity Properties in addition to responses to Inform questions

• Updated the filter mechanisms to support the new multimenu entityProperty types, which expands the range of data types that can be used to filter lists of proposals

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