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futureMarking™ is benchmarking that looks to the future and shows how to get there

futureMarking™ uses the ProGrid® methodology to construct a framework of factors that are key to future performance, in which each factor is expressed as a continuum

futureMarking™ then:

  • enables organizations to measure their current and desired future positioning with respect to all of the factors key to performance
  • may enable positioning to be measured relative to best practices, individual and organizational capabilities, standards / compliance /accreditation requirements, and peers and competitors, as relevant
  • creates high-impact visualizations that show how the organization’s position and change trajectory compare with peers and competitors
  • identifies the actions needed to reach the desired future positions

Selected Features

  • Multiple types of comparisons, including:
    • Relative to standards / accreditation / best practices framework
    • Relative to peers / competitors
    • Relative positioning of internal business units
    • Progress over time
    • Internal consensus
  • Multiple levels of detail / cascading frameworks
  • A wide variety of available visualizations
  • Potential for linkage to quantitative benchmarking data
  • Online and downloadable pdf reports
    • Standard and customizable report templates
    • Instant self-assessment reports with action recommendations
    • Executive summary / drill-down detail
    • High-level “state of the art” reports
  • Expert review and commentary
  • Robust, secure, proven online platform

Additional Resources

futureMarking™ slide presentation and case study

• Online demo based on “20 Questions Directors Should Ask About IP” ||  Platform Access (userId = futureMark, password = futureMark) || futureMark demo brief instructions