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futureInnovate has access to a robust set of methodologies and platforms that can be mobilized in various combinations to provides solutions to client challenges.

Methodologies IT-enabled Platforms
ProGrid® Decision Methodology
Expert Review Decision Methodology™
Total Value Creation®
Integrated Performance and Value Methodology™
BenchmarkAction™ platform
futureDecide™ (ERDP)
Integrated Performance and Value Methodology

The following provides a brief overview of typical challenges our clients face, and how futureInnovate contributes to solutions.

Challenges Solutions
Selecting projects for funding in an R&D or similar context futureDecide / ERDP™ incorporates the ProGrid® methodology which has been used to allocate over $12B of R&D funding in Canada. It provides a comprehensive “paperless” solution that enables applicants to submit their proposal or application online, enables peer reviewers to complete their assessments online in a highly efficient manner, supports the Selection Committee process, and provides program administrations with an innovative set of tools to monitor and manage an R&D competition
Selecting strategic priorities including capital investments ProGrid® has been used to help senior public and private sector executives set strategic priorities by using a panel of experts and/or stakeholders to rank potential initiatives and investments against strategic criteria.  futureDecide / ERDP™+ can take a strategic decision process online in a way that broadens reach, increased accessibility, and improves efficiency and effectiveness.
Enabling the full decision continuum for pilot / demonstration project funding from project selection through investment decisions futureDecide / ERDP™ provides a comprehensive “paperless” solution that supports the initial selection process for projects as discussed under “Selecting projects for funding in an R&D or similar context ” above.  The platform also incorporates leading edge value modelling methodologies for comparing the economic and societal impact claims and potential return on investment of candidate technologies, to assist in identifying the ones that offer the greatest long-term value potential for society.  futurePerform™ can be used to monitor project performance over its lifecycle as well as monitor a portfolio of similar projects, gathering and accumulating data that can ultimately support long-term investment roll-out decisions.
Fully incorporating sustainability considerations into procurement decisions for long-term investments A key challenge with sustainable procurement for long-term investments is that traditional procurement practices often don’t have a good way to factor in environmental and economic impacts over the lifecycle of the relevant product or technology. The platform enables modelling environmental and economic return-on-investment over the product / technology lifecycle in a way that facilitates good long-run procurement choices.
Measuring the relative value to stakeholders / society of alternative decisions futureDecide / ERDP has the capacity to model value streams for stakeholders or society at large for a basecase and alternative scenarios.  The impact of events on these value streams can be specified, and alternative probability distributions can be assessed.  Multiple people can contribute their own insights on events, impacts and probable outcomes. This provides a powerful means for assessing the potential incremental impacts of set of alternative decisions.
Moving beyond traditional “after-the-fact” program evaluation to a pro-active approach that evaluates program performance and value in real-time Traditionally, program evaluation has been carried out after a number of years of operation of a program.  The process is typically backward-looking, and while for ongoing programs recommendations may be made that can positively influence the future, they obviously cannot be applied retroactively.

But why wait for several years to evaluate a program? Why not evaluate it proactively and continuously, in real-time? futureDecide / ERDP™ can be deployed in a way that enables various categories of program stakeholders and/or experts to provide online feedback and assessments of program performance against relevant criteria on an ongoing basis. Regular reports can be generated for program management and executives that provide insights into program performance, value created for stakeholders and society, and the potential impacts of strategic and operational initiatives aimed at enhancing performance and value.

Benchmarking performance against peers and competitors futureMarking which has a powerful engine for comparing positions along a continuum. This capability has been used to support quantitative and qualitative benchmarking relative to peers, competitors, regulatory requirements, and best practices in performance domains such as performance measurement, intellectual capital and intellectual property, research priorities assessment and evaluation, and governance by organizations such as the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, ICMG and the ICM Gathering, the Institute of Corporate Secretaries and Administrators, the Canadian Society for Corporate Secretaries, the Value Measurement and Reporting Collaborative, among many others.
Standards accreditation futureDecide can be used to measure performance and practices of organizations in a standards accreditation context. By expressing standards as language ladders™, organizations can self-assess their own positioning and performance relative to those standards, and expert evaluators can provide objective opinions about the level of compliance. The platform’s analytic capabilities can then provide drill-down charts depicting compliance levels, the level of consensus among experts, identify specific areas requiring improvement, and provide specific recommendations of action steps that should be taken to close any compliance gaps and generally improve performance.
Identifying gaps between current and future capabilities, and actions needed to close those gaps In addition to benchmarking relative to peers, competitors, regulatory requirements, and best practices as described above, the futureMarking platform can be used to enable management teams to individually and collectively assess gaps between current positioning and the positions that may be required or desired in future, and identify the actions that must be taken to close those gaps over time.